TEPJF ratifies Santiago Taboada’s license to compete for the head of government – El Sol de México

The Superior Chamber of the Electoral Court of the Judicial Branch of the Federation (TEPJF) confirmed, by unanimous vote, the sentence issued by the Electoral Court of Mexico CityBy which granted Santiago Taboada leave to separate from his position as mayor of Benito Juárez and power run for the Head of Government of Mexico City.

Santiago Taboada presented a request for leave to separate from his position as mayor before the Congress of Mexico City which, before the lack of quorumit was seen prevented from responding to said request in a session of November 30. Consequently, The mayor went to the local courtthe body that, in full jurisdiction, granted the requested license.

Given the decision, the deputy Martha Avilapresident of the Political Coordination Board of the Congress of Mexico Citywent to the Superior Court, which confirmed the determination of the local Court because, contrary to what was alleged by the complainant, is competent to hear the matter as it concerns the possible impact of the electoral political right to be voted by Santiago Taboada, as well as to adopt the necessary determinations to safeguard the alleged right.

On the other hand, in the ruling it was considered that in accordance with the jurisprudential line of the TEPJF, the responsible Congress and the deputy member of it They did not have standing to question issues addressed in the contested resolution.specifically, whether or not the attributed omission was updated, or if Santiago Taboada’s electoral political right was in fact violated, especially since no impact on the legal sphere of the person responsible was evident.

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