Queen Letizia’s implicit response to Jaime del Burgo after being accused of infidelity towards King Felipe VI

The Queen Letizia of Spain perhaps he is experiencing the darkest moment for his image as monarch, after his former brother-in-law, the businessman James of the Burgwill reveal that he had an affair with her while you were already engaged to him. king Philip VI. But now, it seems that the head of state would have sent him a very implicit response in the midst of all the scandal that the rumors have caused.

The secrecy and silence of Letizia and the Spanish royal family now seems to be a implicit response from the monarch to the controversial accusations of infidelity of Jaime del Burgo, his former brother-in-law and responsible for his name now being in the public eye of the press international.

Some royal experts have been analyzing Doña Letizia’s every move as the scandal eats away at her personal life; detailing her behavior, her actions and the more human side of her, some believe that the monarch He would already be giving an implicit response to Jaime del Burgo’s accusations.

In full celebrations of Christmas, Mrs. Letizia has reappeared on television after a long time, showing her most natural and spontaneous version. She has made it through Foundation Foamas Movistar Plus + has announced on its social networks.

Leonor’s mother has been the guest of honor at this corporation, with the aim of promoting culture among the most disadvantaged social groups in Spain.

Apparently, Letizia has resorted to his strong point, which is his most affectionate sidefun, close, she has her followers quite accustomed to it.

And although the siege of serious accusations of Jaime del Burgo have done unprecedented damage to its image, the Queen Letizia She could continue using that facet to completely ignore what the world currently thinks of her. Will he have been unfaithful or not? king philip SAW? That is something that only she can confirm to us and so far she has not done so.

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