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We are just a few days away from the end of 2023, an intense year for European royalty who during these 365 days were involved in various scandals and controversies that went around the world.

These events, which will remain marked in the history of the monarchy, are remembered in Círculos.

British royalty

One of the most famous and controversial royal families is the British one, which has been in the eye of the storm on more than one occasion.

2023 was a key year for the Windsors, since it was marked by a historical event, the coronation of a new king after 70 years, however, there were moments of controversy, such as the book launch at the beginning of the year Spare of Prince Harry, in which “intimacies and secrets” of the family are revealed, which defied censorship and caused great displeasure to his father, King Charles III, and his brother, Prince William.

Murders of terrorists in Afghanistan, arguments with his brother and sister-in-law, Princess Kate Middleton, even stories from his childhood, It is what counts in more than 400 pages.

Crisis in marriage

Another scandal that put the royal family in the spotlight was the revelation of a Prince William’s alleged infidelity with his wife’s former best friend, Kate Middleton and although the Buckingham Palace did not comment on the matter, the rumors disappeared after the multiple public appearances of the most popular couple in the United Kingdom, where they boasted of their love and harmonious relationship.

Spanish royalty

Recently the Spanish crown was involved in a scandal that directly involves Queen Letizia. In local media, it came to light that the wife of King Felipe VI He was unfaithful during the first years of their marriage. with his ex-brother-in-law Jaime del Burgo.

The controversy broke out because del Burgo, published a photograph of the queen wearing black pashmina along with a swimsuit and a pregnant woman, with the legend “Love. I wear your pashmina. It’s like feeling you next to me. He takes care of me. Protects me. I count the hours until we see each other again. Loving You. Out of here. Yours”, message that the sovereign supposedly sent him.

This event set off alarms in the Zarzuela palace, since all this is reaffirmed in the book Letizia and I, in which Jaime participated, ensuring that he had an affair with her prior to the royal wedding and during their marriage.

Danish royalty

In mid-November, some photographs of the crown prince Frederick of Denmark spending in Madrid with the Mexican actress, Genoveva Casanova, went around the world, causing a series of rumors of a possible romantic relationship.

Okay, to the international environment Readingsthe heir to the Danish throne, and the ex-wife of Cayetano Martínez de Irujo, visited the exhibition Picasso, the sacred and the profane, in the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum. They continued taking a walk through the park and had dinner at El Corral de la Morería.

Very early, the next day, Federico was caught leaving Casanova’s home and arrived by taxi at the airport. This meeting happened while Mary Donaldson, wife of the prince, He was on an official trip to the United States.

Given these acts, the Danish royal house published a statement on the matter: “We have maintained a policy for years of not commenting or confirming any details related to private matters. In addition, we would like to emphasize our commitment to respecting the privacy of members of the Family. Royal, including the Crown Prince.”

According to Spanish media, the also socialite celebrated Christmas along with her daughters and ex-husband, while the heir continues to fulfill his official commitments.

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