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He alleged attacker of the footballer’s family international, Rodolfo Pizarrowas linked to the process by kidnapping crime aggravated, the judge determining a period of three months to evaluate the evidence provided by both parties.

The Attorney General’s Office of the State of Tamaulipas reported this Sunday the link of Eduardo Alfonso N, who is accused of the crime of aggravated kidnapping.

The same way homicide crimes are investigated of Mrs. Elizabeth N, aunt of the footballer; as well as injuries to Laura, Pizarro’s mother, and a man, husband of the deceased victim.

The Prosecutor’s Office announced this Sunday that as a result of the actions carried out as part of the investigation file opened by these events that occurred on January 27, in the colony National Unity Expansion of the municipality of Ciudad Madero.

The department in charge of the prosecutor, Irving Barrios, specified that the capture of the alleged murderer was derived from the requested arrest warrant and completed on February 4in coordination with Investigation Police of the Attorney General’s Office of Nuevo León.

Eduardo Alfonso N He was arrested and placed at the disposal of a Control Judge, who decreed that he be linked to a trial for Aggravated Kidnappingafter evaluating the test items presented by the Public Ministry Agent.

Three months for the process

The judge established a period of three months for him closure of complementary investigation and justified preventive detention for the duration of the process in which both parties provide evidence.

Elizabeth N.Pizarro’s aunt who died in this attack, is identified as a promoter of swimming in the southern area of ​​Tamaulipas, with 13 years in charge of the Lagartos Swimming School or Lagartos Aquatic School, located in Madero City that even though it was a small school, it had outstanding participation in various competitions.

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The violent act caused great commotion in the area and the international sports environment. Football player Rodolfo Pizarro traveled from Athens to be with his family arriving on January 30th to the Tampico international airport. He flew from Europe, where he plays for the AEK Athens soccer team in Greece, for which he currently plays.

Note published in The Sun of Tampico

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