The Trap – El Sol de México

The more sinister the desires of a politician, the more pompous, in general, the nobility of his language becomes.

Aldous Huxley

The ruse of the official candidate, Claudia Sheinbaum, has become clear. He declares and presumes that there will be a “second floor of the 4T”, but he does not oppose and does not even qualify the authoritarian rudeness of the Palace tenant, who at all times threatens to send initiatives that point towards the construction of an authoritarian and undemocratic regime. . Proof of this is the announcement he made to “disappear constitutional autonomous bodies.” That is to say, she tries to adorn her campaign with soft phrases, which position her as a “reformer” of the Obrero movement, although in practice she plays a troupe role in the face of the morning rudeness carried out by the true owner of the so-called baton of command.

And what can we say about the deepening of militarism, which has become the backbone of six-year politics. From this, the former head of government looks the other way, draining her batteries with the usual tirade, blaming the past for everything negative.

In terms of foreign policy, it is corroborated that Sheinbaum does not even touch the subject with the petal of a reflection, and when he does he only sings and talks. For example, his ambiguous position regarding the war in Israel confirms this and is presented as the echo of his mentor, who, when appropriate, is “neutral” and advocates non-intervention.

And to close this simulation, the ruling party’s candidate holds events with diverse characters, “aspirationists”, businessmen and graduates of foreign universities, which AMLO hates so much. The objective is obvious: to sweeten a campaign that is trapped in the forceps of presidential speech. Let us remember that at the time the Tabasco native carried out similar events to capture the unwary and give way to unemployed and opportunistic people. Everything was props. In the end, he ignored the proposals and threw them in the trash can, and to date his public policies are the product of occurrences and emotional ramblings.

However, the central difference with the candidate Sheinbaum is that she depends exclusively on the mandates of her promoter and that she cannot do anything that contradicts him. Unless there is some naive person who believes that López Obrador will retire to his ranch to watch little trees grow. He will continue to rule even after the electoral process. So, be careful not to let yourself be scammed by the Morenista candidate’s speech. It is known that she is an intelligent woman, that is why she will follow the ordered script without condemning or criticizing. Be very careful with cheating and simulation.


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