The Year of the Wood Dragon, fortune and harmony through spaces, renew them! – The Sun of Mexico

The celebration of Chinese New Yearimplies not only ancient traditions and customs, it is also an opportunity to meet with the family, and according to Asian culture, it is a reason to renew the house and ward off bad spirits, in addition, it inspires to decorate with symbols of great meaning that maintain the good energy.

He Festival of Chinese New Yearalso known as the spring Festivalis governed by Moon’s calendarFor this reason, the exact date varies each year, but generally falls between the end of January and the beginning of February, this year it is celebrated on February 10. Each cycle is associated with a zodiac animal Chinese and one element, this 2024 corresponds to Wooden Dragon.

According to experts from The Rug Company, the remodeling of spaces according to the chinese traditionsconsists of several steps based on his philosophy of welfare, good fortune attraction and the harmony in all aspects of life, which are generated through materials, colors and aromas.

Make room for good fortune

By clearing clutter, making room for new energy, and decorating with special meaning, it is hoped that the good luck and the prosperity have more opportunities to enter people’s lives. He Year of the Dragon is associated with these elements of transformation and prosperity that we can attract to the home with a renovation of the space.

The importance of color

The colors traditionally associated with good luck and the prosperity are the red and gold. These tones are considered bode well in many Asian cultures and are common in celebrations of the Lunar New Yearso opt for elements like statues, rugs or curtains in these colors is a subtle way to keep in mind the Chinese New Year.

Bamboo materials and natural fabrics

An ideal option is to use bamboo textiles or from others natural materials that reflect the connection with nature and renewal, important themes in the celebration of the Lunar New Year, placing them in key places in the home. This will not only provide a decorative touch, but will also help delineate specific areas.

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