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The Mexico City closes 2023 with 1,350 bicycles without anchors and skateboards what were confiscated by operate without authorization or being parked in unauthorized places.

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These vehicles are part of the Sustainable Individual Transportation Systems (Sitis) that They boomed in the city during 2018but to date They are not authorized to circulateWell recently The only permit that was valid expired for its operation.

When companies proliferated that put hundreds of dockless skateboards and bicycles into circulation, The local government saw the need to regulate the units. In 2019 four firms obtained annual permits to operate the bikes and skateboards under a system of charging userseither per trip or monthly.

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The companies that started with this service five years ago were Jump, Grin, Bird Rides Mexico and Dezba, with a joint service of six thousand 300 unitsaccording to information recorded by the Ministry of Mobility in 2019.

One by one it went out of circulation and In 2023, only Dezba (Bicieléctricas SAPI de CV) processed an annual permit before Semovito work with 900 units.

He permission for Dezbathat expired on December 9 of this year, points out that the permit holder must guarantee that there is no agglomeration of units in the areas permitted for parking, which were between the municipalities of Cuauhtémoc, Benito Juárez and Miguel Hidalgo. According to the company’s website, bicycles can circulate in the Roma, Condesa, Juárez, Cuauhtémoc, Escandón, Nápoles and Anzures neighborhoods.

The permit holder had It is prohibited to end trips and park service units in perimeter A of the Historic Center, perimeter of the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office.

He Removal of bicycles and skateboards from the capital’s streets is carried out based on article 251 section XVII of the CDMX Mobility Lawwhich mentions that “people who add elements to the road, without authorization from the Public Administration, will be fined thirty to fifty times the current Mexico City Measurement and Update Unit and the removal of the themselves.”

In that senseSemovi indicated that, until November 2023, around 1,350 units, both dockless bicycles and electric skateboards, are protected in properties managed by the agency.

“Taking into account the needs and nature of the properties of the Mobility secretarythese units are located in transfer and relocation process (…). This Administrative Unit “continues with the administrative and legal procedures, as well as corresponding consultations that allow it to define what its final destination will be,” explains the Semovi in the application with file number 090163023001952.

The legal entities related to the protected units are Lime Networks, Mobike México and Colmena Mob.

In the case of Dezba, despite having expired their permit, maintain the service of their units, as can be seen in its mobile application. In this regard, the Ministry of Mobility of Mexico City indicated that although the permit expired, they are already in renewal process.

One of thes areas where it is common to see parked bicycles is Polanco, especially between Emilia Castelar and Ejercito Nacional streets. The app Dezba tells users where the bikes are, some of them are noticeably worn, as is the case of one located on Avenida Sudermannalmost at the intersection with Horacio Avenuewhich has the seat turned upside down without being able to adjust.

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About Horacio Avenuealmost at the intersection with Hipólito Tainethere is a dusty bicycle with trash in its basket. The app shows the location of some vehicles inside buildings, so they are not accessible to those who wish to use them.

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