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He Tax Administration Service (SAT) got a historical amount for him collection of fines fiscal at the end of the third quarter of the year with a total of 18 thousand 102.8 million pesos. According to information from the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP)Its abouthighest figure since records were recorded in 2000 and also represented an increase of 12.45 percent annually.

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“With the help of the technologyto the SAT it is very easy for him debt collection. We might think that there is a inspection more aggressive, but in reality it is the effect of the implementation of technology that gives them more information,” said Rolando Silva, vice president of prosecutor of the Mexican Institute of Public Accountants (IMCP).

In interview with The Sun of Mexicothe specialist recalled that the SAT has a series of agreements with the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), Infonavit and until the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS) for the exchange of information taxpayers.

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“Are absolute electronic processesThat is to say, the process is being left aside where the auditor checks if there is a bad company and at the time of collecting, they already arrive with elements to be sure that there is a “fiscal non-compliance”pointed out the specialist of the IMCP.

Since the administration of the former head of the SATRaquel Buenrostro, the organism increased its oversight acts by redoubling efforts to combat tax evasion and avoidance, both natural and legal persons.

Thus, highlights the debt collection from large companies such as BBVA México, Alsea, Walmart, FEMSA, América Móvil, among others.

Besides, Various digital initiatives were launchedas web platforms either mobile appsto promote the payment of taxes or the correction of taxpayers’ tax data.

The data of the SATthat now heads Antonio Martínez Dagninothey refer that of the 18 thousand 102.8 million pesos of fines, about 73 percent correspond to tax corrections, which is when the taxpayer becomes up to date on the tax payment or late updates your data to the authority.

This amount is followed by reprimands for non-compliance or late compliance with RFC requirements and control of obligations, of which the SAT obtained three thousand 334.9 million pesos, which are equivalent to 18 percent of all registered fines.

Similarlythe tax authority collected 1,36.3 million pesos for violations to foreign trade provisions, whether for transporting prohibited merchandise in the country or entering it without prior declarationto cite a few examples.

“Although there is a considerable number of fineshow the invitation process has been used fulfill obligationsthe acts that are carried out are also spontaneous and then a fine is not applied because the taxpayer pays his debts alone,” added the IMCP vice president of prosecutor.

Fines for not enabling tax mailbox

In recent days, The SAT urged all taxpayers to enable their tax mailbox and avoid fineswhich range from three thousand 420 pesos to 10 thousand 260 pesos.

Through this toolpeople can receive notifications about your tax situationwhich includes benefits or facilities for paying taxes, requirements of the authority about some irregularityamong other data.

According to tax body, the Individuals without tax obligations, without economic activity and employees and employees with annual income in the immediately preceding fiscal year of less than 400 thousand pesos may not enable this mailbox.

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“The imposing fines or even suspending digital stamps for the invoice issuance are some of the consequences what can bring do not enable mailbox. Not knowing the obligation does not exempt you from it,” added the executive of the IMCP.

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