They detect a shortage in technological places – El Sol de México

In 2024, eight out of ten Mexican technology companies will have difficulties finding workers in positions related to information technology, according to the study Talent Shortage by 2024.

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In accordance with ManpowerGrouphe technology sector is the one that presents the greatest difficulty in filling job vacanciesabove offers in consumer goods and services, finance, logistics and automotive.

“The talent shortage in the technology sector of the information has intensified in the last three years. In 2022, this sector had a talent shortage of 68 percent, which grew to 73 percent in 2023 and will reach 79 percent in 2024,” said Carlos Bueso, director of Experis Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America.

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Bueso explains that in Mexico One of the most requested positions, but one that is most difficult for companies to fill, is that of data analyst.

According to the job site Talent.coma Data analyst can earn from 15 thousand to 30 thousand pesos per monthdepending on experience, location and company size.

“It’s a strategic position to collect, process and analyze large amounts of data, with the objective of identifying patterns, trends and relationships that may be useful for decision making,” added Bueso.

The study also noted that the issue of business relocationknown as nearshoring, accelerated this need for technological talent. For the following year, the trends of new technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and virtual reality They will be key to the search for new talent.

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“We are seeing a interesting demand for various technological positions in the area of software development for the development and modernization of applications”Bueso added.

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