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A video was spread on social networks where alleged students of the Vocational 8 of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), they demand a professor over alleged acts of harassment of students and teachers of said school.

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In the images, a teacher is seen sitting in front of his desk in a classroom, when a woman dressed in black and with her face covered stands in front of the group and begins to narrate that she is a woman harassed on campusapparently, by the aforementioned professor whose last name is Palma.

The woman demands in front of others present that the teacher be discharged from the teaching staff or otherwise, they could call for a strike until the request is attended to.

In the same way, he reproaches the teacher sitting at the desk for being a harasser of teachers and studentswhom he has allegedly conditioned to pass their subject in exchange for obtaining sexual favors.

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A few seconds later, you can see in the video how the group of women dressed in black and with their faces covered, go on top of the professor with blows and kicks while yelling at him: “she could be your daughter”, “you have a wife”.

While the beatings continued, a woman who claimed to be a lawyer approached the alleged students to urge them to file a complaint about the accusations. The women simply responded that they had already done so but received no response.

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On social networks, opinions on the matter are divided, as there are those who defend the fact, since The teacher allegedly received several harassment complaints. On the other hand, the video received dozens of comments in which they disapproved of the violence exercised against the teacher.

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