They celebrate 12 years of innovating the Mexican textile industry with intelligent pieces – El Sol de México

12 years ago, Linda Lobato and Antonio Perdigón entered the world of fashion with a project well ahead of its time and with which they revolutionized the textile industry in Mexico.

Is about machinea brand that fuses technology and fashion in innovative pieces that contain a “wearable”, that is, a functional and technological device.

“A wearables It is any connected device that we can wear and use daily, it can be a bracelet that measures steps or even an adjustable harness that becomes a breathable and waterproof poncho that just pulling the rings offers protection for the entire body, like The Machina Parachute Poncho,” Linda explained to Círculos.

The idea was born when Antonio, as a student of textile and fashion design, realized that textile industry did not care enough for innovation and operated only seasonally, that is why in 2012 he decided to partner with Linda, who is a marketing specialist.

“The first years were the most difficult, since very few people knew about the subject in the industry and in Mexico the brand was not understood, which forced us to cross borders and create campaigns abroad, specifically in Japan was where our brand took off. “added the creative.

With more than a decade of history, the purpose of the signature has always been clear: “create a legacy through culture and everything that is generated in an ecosystem of creative minds.”

For this reason, it has not only established itself as a different and innovative brand, but also as a community around the intersection of fashion and technology in its different forms, from material selection, development of electronic systems, manufacturing and even new tools.

“We do not leave culture aside and an axis of this is our first project, which was the jacket MIDI Jacketwhich serves as a musical instrument and has proven to be successful among dancers, DJs and music producers,” Linda explained.

Unlike other fashion brands, Machina does not follow the traditional cycle of seasonsbut rather promotes responsible purchasing, offering garments designed to last over time, with functionalities that transcend convention.

“Over time we have shown that innovation is not only limited to the integration of electronic devices, it is also present either with designs that enhance the abilities of our body or in pieces that can be transformed from one garment to another,” said the foundress.

An example of the above is the collection of Apocalypse Ready, which is characterized by its creation process, design and textiles developed in order to create durable garments taking into account the life cycle and timeless functionality.

Likewise, since last year the Mexican brand has taken its commitment to culture and community to a new level with the opening of its first physical space to implement workshops, sell and create your own launch events.

“This place is not just a store, it has become a Destiny Shopalwhich is designed to share experiences and knowledge through design, fashion, technology, innovation and sustainability,” he shared.

The creator concluded: “With Machina we not only want to generate a style, but also open a conversation among our audience and create culture. “We have always been clear about where we want to go.”

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