They create the Surveillance Commission for the Electoral Process, how will it work? – The Sun of Mexico

The Political Coordination Board of the Chamber of Deputies (Jucopo) announced this Thursday that they will create a special organ follow-up for This year’s Federal Electoral Process.

The PAN deputy, Jorge Romeropresident of the Jucoporeported that they created a Special Surveillance Commission for the 2024 Electoral Process in the country.

At a press conference, Rosemary explained that it is a commission represented by all the political forces of Congress for the analysis of all the elections that will take place on July 2 to make visible the threats of the organized crime.

“We want to emphasize the importance of this working group because we have been saying it: Being a candidate is already a high-risk sport in the country. Many women and men are already giving away their lives,” said the legislator.

He added that “the issue of insecurity and violence It is not only an issue that concerns the candidates“, as he stressed that currently, “we are 130 million souls Those of us who live in this country want security.”

He stressed that they do not seek to prioritize the lives exclusively of applicants for a candidacy or a position, “but rather that at least this stage, this Government ensures the physical integrity of the people who aspire to a popular position.”

Deputies will invite Rosa Ícela Rodríguez

The president of Jucopo added regarding the issue of insecurity in Mexico that to delve deeper into the issue, it was agreed that on February 20 they will invite the head of the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC), Rosa Ícela Rodríguez.

“She comes for us to listen to her and, in truth, offer her our support in what we can offer her,” although she expressed.

“No one wants to (profit from insecurity), it is only a vile person to want to politicize the issue of insecurity. Insecurity, beyond elections or colors, affects everyone and we are not going to politicize it, of course we are going to report it, unless they are going to think that reporting is not wanting to cooperate,” said the deputy.

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He stressed that legislators cannot stop talking about violence in this country as the President López Obrador and recalled that “every day we wake up with a note where some city is on fire, yesterday it seems to me that it was Chilpancingo where the chaos is total and we are not going to stop talking about these issues,” he pointed out.

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