They deliver AMLO’s initiatives to commissions; Jucopo anticipates that it will not prioritize them – El Sol de México

The Board of Directors of the Chamber of Deputies shift during the ordinary session this Thursday the package of initiatives to committees of reform of the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador which consists of 20 proposals ranging from the prohibition of the consumption of chemical drugs and animal protection at the national level, to the disappearance of the INE and other autonomous organizations like the INAI and Cofece.

However, the Political Coordination Board (Jucopo)whose president, PAN member Jorge Romero, reported that President López Obrador’s package of initiatives will not be a priority.

At a press conference, Romero referred to the presidential initiatives that are not going to focus only on them, because there are other priorities: “We are not going to focus exclusively on the initiatives of President López Obrador, who here we have a lot of work to do”.

He recalled that on Wednesday, among parliamentary coordinators, they established what will be the route for the treatment of initiative package that the Executive Branch sent and everyone came to the conclusion that “they are not going to be the only issues that are seen in this legislative period.”

He stressed that “there are many more issues in this Chamber and they will not only be the initiatives that the President sends.”

During this Thursday’s session in San Lázaro, Marcela Guerra Castillo, deputy president of the Board of Directors, formalized the receipt of the president’s package that was delivered last Monday, February 5, by the Ministry of the Interior and from the Plenary Session it was reported that 17 of the 20 proposals of the head of the federal Executive were sent to the Constitutional Points Commission to rule on them.

Regarding the electoral reform, which proposes that the INE becomes the National Institute of Elections and Consultations (INEC) and its councilors are elected by popular vote, was referred to united commissions of Constitutional and Government Points.

López Obrador’s package of proposals also outlines reform the Judicial Branch of the Federation (PJF) and remove the current ministers, so that they can be elected by universal vote. In addition, their number should be reduced from 11 to 9 and two internal courts should be created to monitor the actions of the togados, as they maintain that currently the PJF “is rotten.”

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