They give provisional suspension of protection to the Cadereyta refinery against actions by environmentalists – El Sol de México

Monterrey. – The Refinery Pemex In Cadereyta it obtained a provisional suspension of protection to prevent its activities from being suspended or closed.

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The First Collegiate Court on Administrative Matters of the Fourth Circuit granted him judicial protection after there were protests and complaints from citizen organizations, Mayors and state officials about the polluting emissions that affect air quality in the metropolitan area and surrounding municipalities.

“It is proposed to declare the complaint appeal partially founded, revoke the order and grant the suspension measure, only with regard to the suspension of activities or closure of the Pemex Refinery, which is the complainant in this matter” , argued Judge Héctor Guillermo Maldonado to the DSR reading the project and raising the ruling in favor of Prmex.

He stated that it is not feasible to close a productive State company, because given the activities of the complaining legal entity, the economy and fuel supply would be put at risk, to the detriment of public order and social interest.

“The imminence of the acts is justified by the fact that the complainant opposes the inspection, so much so that he challenges the security measure, consisting of the closure or suspension of activities, since if this closure is carried out, the risk It is great because of the impact that society could feel,” he added.

“There is no evidence that reliably proves that the contamination in the state of Nuevo León had arisen due to the activities carried out by the complaining Refinery; this requires a scientific study to demonstrate this,” the magistrate pointed out.

Then, unanimously the magistrates endorsed the suspension of Pemex.

Citizen activist defenders of the environment and representatives of the state government through the Ministry of the Environment filed lawsuits against Pemex and the refinery due to polluting emissions.

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In various protests and rallies, civil organizations dedicated to defending the environment have demanded that Pemex take away the Cadereyta refinery, located about 30 kilometers east of Monterrey.

The government and activists have even gone to the company to request reports on its processes, but they close the doors and do not let them enter.

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