This is the millionaire figure that Disney paid Taylor Swift to be able to broadcast ‘The Eras Tour’

Currently, the renowned American singer Taylor Swift It has been the trend worldwide for weeks, and with the consecration of the best album at the last Grammy Awards, the artist has been the cover of many media outlets, however, another piece of news has made social networks tremble, as it has made a recent announcement about a contract between ‘The Eras Tour‘, Taylor’s film and the streaming platform disney plus.

As many may already know, the singer’s famous film will be broadcast on the aforementioned platform from the next March, 15tha day on which fans of the singer and people who want to give her the opportunity will be able to see her from the comfort of their homes with a simple subscription.

Starting from there, according to the media Puck Reports, Disney fought until the end for the rights to ‘The Eras Tour‘ taking victory with a sum of money that not even Taylor herself could ignore. It is said that the artist received from the film company 75 million dollars for her to approve the platform, money that Disney hopes to raise with the millions of views and visits that this brings to its page.

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