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The Artificial intelligence (AI) came to gastronomy to be able to cook more sustainable recipesfind alternatives depending on the type of allergies, or even have “happier” clients, as the physicist and AI expert explained last week Eneko Axpeduring the international congress of Madrid Fusion gastronomy.

“This is not going of humans and AIbut of humans using AI as one more tool to make our diners a little happier,” defended Axpe in his presentation at said congress, which was held in the Spanish capital and in which he showed some of the AI ​​applications that he has carried out in the restaurant Azurmendiof Eneko Atxa.

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Applications made by ChatGPT version 4 that, at times, were “hallucinations” because it offered “super strange textures, flavors and combinations that would never have occurred to Atxa” and what they saw is that With these AI results, new dishes could be created.

For the expert, this is not about humans and AI, but about humans using AI as another tool to make our diners happier.

“I proposed to Eneko Atxa -said- run a menu purely created by AIin this case AI invented the name of a haute cuisine dish, ‘cauliflower foam with apple and balsamic caviar’a dish that did not exist; and I asked him for a realistic image of this dish and finally, I asked him for the recipe to get this dish.”he shared.

A proof of which more conclusions came outs, for example, that more sustainable recipes could be made thanks to this technology because analyzes the least sustainable ingredients and products and provides an alternative.

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Furthermore, they saw how Artificial Intelligence can import all recipes and ask about alternatives of products depending on the type of allergies.

“When Eneko has an idea for a dish, he draws it and sometimes has a hard time explaining it to his team, he wanted to create a ‘Carolina’ (basque dessert) but of black olives and interacted with AI to create the imageand with interactions you can generate help for your team so that in seconds they understand what the cook has in his head“he added.

After the exhibition, the chef Ferrán Adriá called for more papers on this topic, while Sara Peral and Jorge Múñoz, chefs at OSA (Madrid)they highlighted the importance of the sustainabilitywhich is marked by the temporality of its products and the close relationship with producers and suppliers.

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Pedrito Sánchez, chef in Bagá (Jaén, southern Spain), continued along this line, who shared that does not use ingredients that consume a lot of waterbecause theirs is “responsible creativity”.

We live in a very serious momentwith 30 degrees in Jaénand Cooks must also raise their voices in the face of water shortages. The countryside is dying and without water there is no life“he warned.

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