Third march for democracy will concentrate in the Zócalo – El Sol de México

After two previous marches to defend the vote Yet the Alleged issue Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), the collective “March for Our Democracy”announced a new mobilization the next Sunday February 18 for defend democracy and oppose the president’s intervention Andrés Manuel López Obrador in the electoral process.

Amado Avendaño, spokesperson for the movement and representative of the “United Initiative” recalled that on this occasion there will not be a mobilization of the Angel of Independence or the Monument to the Revolution, but rather invited citizens to gather directly in the Zócalo from Mexico City this Sunday at 11:00 AM; However, he stressed that in 106 cities in the country there will be marches with different speakers.

One of the reasons for protesting was said at the conference, is to shield elections from organized crime. Fernando Bealuazaran, former PRD member and one of the promoters of the demonstration, stated that “a great national pact is required to prevent organized crime from taking electoral sides.”

During the conference, former PRD member Fernado Belauzarán said that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is the worst electoral offender. He daily violates the Laws during the current electoral process along with his officials, who are intervening in the elections and what they are looking for with the mobilizations. It’s just that you stop doing it.

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Meanwhile, Avendaño stressed that this protest is also to demand free elections and that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador does not intervene in the electoral process.

It was highlighted that as the only speaker at the Zócalo rally, the former president councilor will be on the stage. Lorenzo Cordovaand that the speakers from the previous marches will be accompanying him: the political scientist and former president of the defunct Federal Electoral Institute (IFE) José Woldember and the former minister, José Ramón Cossío.

In this invitation to protest, people were again asked to wear white and pink and without partisan symbols to keep the protest non-partisan. It was also emphasized that

During the conference to announce the rally, it was highlighted that the message of the also called Pink Tide is to defend the right to free elections.

Likewise, that social programs are not used to coerce voting and that elections are kept free of the influence of organized crime.

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In a manifesto, the group explains the reasons for marching:

“If the government puts its hands in the elections, the vote is not free. If the government uses public money to help its candidate, the vote is not free. If the government wants to eliminate the INE, control the Electoral Court and submit to the Supreme Court of Justice, the vote is not free. If the government threatens and censors the media, the vote is not free. If the government tells you that if the opposition wins, the support for pensions and scholarships will go away, the button is free. The government seeks to confuse you with propaganda, the freest vote. If the government threatens to break up business owners, the button is free. If the government promotes false polls, the vote is not free,” he stated.

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