Three schools in San Luis Potosí, to virtual classes due to lack of water – El Sol de México

At least three schools belonging to the Regular State Educational System (SEER) have had to resume the virtual distance classes Due to the lack of water on campuses.

The head of the agency, Crisógono Sánchez Lara, reported that This situation is due to the lack of access for tanker trucks in some areas of the city, especially in the San Miguelito neighborhood.where they are taking place rehabilitation works.

Although there is provision on the part of the State water agencies and municipalities, the State Water Commission (CEA) and the Interapas, so that the water arrives, The pipes do not have easy access to this area of ​​the city, Although they play a crucial role in supplying this vital resource in times of water crisis.

For this reason, Sánchez Lara said that they have implemented strategic measures so that other schools can access other sources of water, but Some institutions, both public and private, have had to return to the virtual education model.

“The lack of access to water pipes to the area is because many Streets and roads are very narrow or are in the process of repairwhich makes it difficult for trucks to supply them.

The affected schools are two private and one public. However, the paving and the rehabilitation integral of the nearby streets has become a necessity so that these educational spaces may have access to water.

Regard to the possibility that schools belonging to the Secretariat of Education of the State Government (SEGE) conclude the 2013-2024 school year earlier than established by the effects caused by heat and drought, the SEER He indicated that he has not made a final decision.

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Besides, Sanchez Lara emphasized that The most important thing is to continue complying with educational policies and maintain the cycle and curriculum in a comprehensive manner. Therefore, he emphasized that the situation continues to be evaluated by the educational authorities.

Note originally published in The Sun of San Luis

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