Tireless, Olga Tañón arrives at her first National Auditorium alone – El Sol de México

Olga Tañónone of the emblematic women of the tropical genus will be presented for the first time in the National Auditorium in more than 30 years as soloistpresenting a show belonging to his titled tour Symmetry Tour.

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In 2017 the fire womanthe name by which he is also known and arises from his second album released in 1993, he had already sung on stage at the Audience in the show GreatGoddessesalong with others singershowever, the next presentation will mark his first concert complete in the venue.

“I am very excited, it is a dream that is going to come true,” said the singer in an interview with The Sun of Mexico. “People say to me ‘don’t you get tired of singing?’ One does not get tired, much less when all the audiences are completely different. It always gives an emotion as if it were the first time you do it. This is why one must have the discipline to give everything, especially in a scenery that I have dreamed of for so many years of career.”

Olga Tañon will begin in 2024 after having visited other countries this year with his Symmetry Tourwhich began in June and has stopped in Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Spain, Chile, Nicaragua, Guatemala and the United States, however, the singer She is convinced that when appearing in Mexico she will need to give her best effort to please the public.

“He Mexican public is extremely demanding, because he has the privilege of having the best artists of the world. When we show up there, they always ask us for a little more, they are used to good things. I love that they demand,” declared the 56-year-old singer.

In your cover letter Olga Tañón It has more than 300 songs recorded and 25 albumswith which she has managed to gain an image that credits her as one of the most influential women in the world. tropical music. For her visit to Mexico City, the native of Santurce, Puerto Rico, shows that staying active is one of her greatest virtues, which is why she arrives with the recent launch of the disk Heel with more power, in addition to their traditional repertoire.

“It’s been really cool, I think it’s always a new baby that’s born, as I say. We put effort into it, a lot of love. There are new songs and others that had been recorded but with other versions, because they have been songs that the whole family sings to this day,” she said about the song. musical platewhere it incorporates Yan Collazo, Daniel Santacruz and Juan Miguel.

In its trajectoryhas sung merengue, salsa, romantic ballads and even regional Mexican, a style to which he dedicated the disk trails of love in 2021. Likewise, his work has been awarded twice with the Grammy for the best album of meringue and in four with the Latin Grammy for best tropical album, best female vocal pop album and best merengue album.

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“The awards have always been important and the gratitude is very great to the people who always take us into account when it comes to having them, but the reality is that having a live audience that sings and dances to your songs is the greatest thing, “That is the greatest satisfaction you can feel as an artist.”

It will be January 12, 2024 when Olga Tañón play “He’s a liar”, “My way of being”, “The big party”, “How to forget” and many more songs in the National Auditorium.

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