Today It Doesn’t Circulate: does the program apply on December 25, 2023? – The Sun of Mexico

The Christmas celebrations every year mean that many families move through Mexico City and the surrounding municipalities of the State of Mexico; However, if you will travel by car, you must take into account the Today No Circula that will be in effect this November 25 to avoid a bad time.

The Hoy No Circula program, which is in force in the Megalopolis of the Valley of Mexico, can be suspended on holidays – such as December 25 – but this measure is subject to consideration by the authorities.

On December 25th there is Hoy No Circula?

Until 3:00 p.m. this Sunday, the authorities of the Valley of Mexico have not canceled the application of Hoy No Circula for this Monday, December 25.

Although the Environmental Commission of the Megalopolis (CAMe) reports good air quality in most of the Valley of Mexico, these conditions may change due to the burning of fireworks or bonfires due to the low temperatures predicted in the Metropolitan Area.

The cars that cannot circulate this December 25

In the event that Today Not Circulating is applied normally this Monday, December 25, the vehicles that must refrain from driving through the Megalopolis are those with hologram 1 and 2, with yellow stickers, ending 5 and 6.

Cars with a 00 and 0 hologram, as well as electric and hybrid cars, are exempt from the Hoy No Circula program, as are those with license plates for people with disabilities.

To keep you informed about the changes that may occur in Hoy No Circula for this December 25, you can consult the social networks of the CAMe and his Webpage.

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