Travis Kelce explodes against his coach Andy Reid in the Super Bowl – El Sol de México

Super Bowl LVIII began with multiple emotions from both teams, both the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers did not hold back and offered a very close game. However, the first half for Travis Kelce was so frustrating that it left an episode with a lot of controversy.

The first half in general for the Kansas City Chiefs was quite frustrating, as they were dominated by the great defense of the 49ers, no wonder, it is considered the best in the league.

Specifically in the second quarter, after an explosive play between Mahomes and Hardman in a bomb of more than 50 yards, it left the Chiefs at the San Francisco 10-yard line. However, when it seemed that his first score of the game would finally be scored, Isaiah Pacheco fumbled the ball, losing the chances of scoring in that serious offense.

Kelce, furious with the frustration of the game’s timing, went to berate his head coach, Andy Reid. During the tantrum, he confronted Reid and even gave him a little push. Players and members of the Chiefs staff took the tight end away to calm down.

This moment was condemned by both fans and sports media, since in the NFL it is not common to see this indiscipline from players, since respect for coaches is highly valued. Until that moment.

It is worth mentioning that at that moment of the game, Travis Kelce did not even exceed 20 yards and the Chiefs had no points on the board, a situation that exceeded the temperament of the controversial player.

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