UN calls for COP28 damage fund to reach the most vulnerable farmers – El Sol de México

The director of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Qu Dongyurequested today that the new loss and damage fund approved in the Dubai climate summit (COP28) reaches the farmers most vulnerable to the crisis.

Qu participated in the first leaders’ forum of the COP28, focused on food, and urged nations to ensure that this fund, celebrated as “historic” by the international community, reaches farming communities on the “front lines” of the climate crisis.

The FAO has published a report in which it points out that the climate change poses a “growing threat of loss and damage” to agri-food systems and urges “measures to be taken to address their vulnerabilities.”

The director of the specialized agency maintained that the climate crisis is affecting the world’s ability to produce enough food given its impact on the water, soil, biodiversity and the frequency of extreme weather events.

“We have to produce more with less. Agri-food systems must be transformed to be more efficient, more inclusive, more resilient and more sustainable to effectively contribute to the availability and accessibility of food,” he argued.

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Therefore, Qu called for “enabling policies” that close the investment gap and “ensure that climate finance increases and reaches those who need it most,” especially small farmers.

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