Unicable is betting on a family magazine with ¡Qué bien hora! – The Sun of Mexico

Rachel Rochageneral director of Unicableenters his sixth year at the head of the pay channel with a different bet and announces the premiere of “What a good time! “TV happy hour”his first live program, which will be broadcast from Monday to Friday at 7:00 p.m., hosted by Omar Fierro, Michelle Vieth and Nicola Porcellastarting February 12.

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“The broadcast is going to have sections with various themes: cooking with Omarcontests, guests from the public with love conflicts, sensitive stories with solution through the program and there will be a musical segment.

“We are going to be in the tone of those programs afternoon refreshments, in which we will remember what was done by Paco Stanleyand I can tell you that this Forum 4 was the last one in which he made his live show Mr. Stanley, so Omar is a good reciter and he recites poems because women melt when he speaks,” reported the producer Alexis Núñez during the presentation of the program.

“It is very diverse, to also capture the attention of young audiences, it is a very fun program, a television show to have a great time, but the most important thing it has is its drivers“added the producer.

“The viewers They are already very boring to see drivers that they are not entertaining and these three people take it very seriously, they love the public very much, they respect it, they come to work without it being an office, but rather in a television show and they come to entertain them.”

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Rachel Rocha He stated that this launch is a safe bet, due to the team involved in its production, starting with the producer. “It was difficult to put these three together. drivers“, that they match their agendas and we know that each of them has successful careers, they are talents so loved by the public and the good vibes they have with each other is reflected in each of the programs, they have exceeded our expectations.”

Omar Fierro leads the trio driversafter 17 years of not being the owner of a program. The actor will continue with the realization of the episodes of the Stars series “As the saying goes” alongside Sergio Corona, under the production of Genoveva Martínez.

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