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ACAPULCO. The Beaches from the port of Acapulco again show a high tourist activityupon receiving hundreds of vacationers in the known Hotel Camarena, tourism with low purchasing power that arrived at the port to welcome the New Year.

Due to the limited hotel offering in the port, many of the vacationers They chose to arrive at Beaches and set up their tents there, where they cook and sleep even outdoors, with the permission of the municipal authorities.

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The supermarkets and shops of convenience that are already open in the coastal area and were crowded by a large number of walkers who came to shop for the New Year’s Eve dinner that they will enjoy at the beach.

However, this type of tourism is not viewed favorably by hotel entrepreneurswho reject the installation of the Hotel Camarena, as they stated that visitors dirty and affect the image of the port, since by not having toilets they generate pollution.

On Saturday, December 23, the first family arrived in their car, coming from Mexico City to settle with their tent in the Hornos Beach which is part of the 12 kilometers of federal zone that the port has, where they spent the night for more than four days.

As far as the holiday season, More than 30 families have settled on the strip of sand with their tents in Tamarindos, Golfito and Suave beacheswho will be in the front row to enjoy the fireworks over the bay of Santa Lucía with the show A Light of Hope.

Providers of travel services They trusted that next week there could be a wave of visitors with greater purchasing power to enjoy the port beachesas has been presented in other holiday seasons.

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During this holiday period The Winter 2023 Operation was launched on December 15, where more than 10 thousand Security elements of the different agencies of the three levels of government, which are deployed in Acapulco, Taxco and Zihuatanejo.

Among the more than 10 thousand security elements, there are 647 members of the Department of Public Security from the state, six canines and a helicopter and on the part of the Navy there are a total of 213 troops deployed by air, sea and land.

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