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What the New Year brings is that many people around the world participate in rituals and traditions to attract good luck and positive energies. Among these customs, the wearing specific colored underwear It has gained popularity as a discreet way to express wishes for the upcoming return to the sun. Each color carries with it a particular meaning and is chosen in the hope of influencing future events.

Love and romance

Red, known for its association with love and passion, is chosen by those looking to find romance in the coming year. It is believed that wearing red underwear will not only attract love, but also good luck. In various cultures, such as Chinese, Spanish and Italian, this color is considered an auspicious color.

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Wealth and success

Those looking to attract economic prosperity and success choose yellow. This color is associated with trust and personal security, creating an environment conducive to achieving financial goals and stabilizing finances. In some Latin American countries, tradition includes wearing underwear inside out to increase fortune.

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General prosperity and well-being

Green represents prosperity and connection with nature. Opting for this shade indicates the search for a full life and general well-being. In addition, it is linked to good fortune in some cultures and symbolizes the move away from technological life to enjoy nature.

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Good health and peace of mind

Those looking to improve their health and well-being choose blue. This color is related to tranquility and is recommended for those who want to escape stress, start a diet or adopt a healthier lifestyle. Attracts the energy necessary to undertake positive physical changes.

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Strengthening family and friendly ties

Pink, similar to red, is linked to love, but focuses on strengthening family and friendly ties. Using this shade seeks to attract luck to reconnect with significant people in life. It is a harmonious choice to renew relationships and leave conflicts behind.

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Peace and spiritual harmony

White symbolizes peace and spiritual harmony. Recommended for those looking to start the year with fewer conflicts and greater peace of mind. It represents the opportunity to build a renewed self and is universally associated with happiness and spiritual rebirth.

Beyond the conventional

In some cultures, such as the Philippines, it is suggested to wear underwear with polka dots, as the shape resembles coins, thus increasing the chances of having a prosperous year. Although many want to attract various energies, rituals do not usually work with multi-colored or rainbow-type underwear. Likewise, the success of these rituals can vary, the truth is that the choice of underwear to receive the New Year has become a playful tradition.

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