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Currently, users can already enjoy productions nominated for Best film in the Oscars 2024 as Barbie, Oppenheimer, Teacher, The Moon Killers either The Snow Society in platforms like Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video, ClaroVideo and Manzana TV.

Companies like sony, Samsung, Hisense either LG They incorporate into their equipment the intelligence artificial (AI) to offer consumers screens with higher image definition and sound that guarantee an immersive experience when watching content such as movies, series, sports and concerts.

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Einar Alvarado, head of Training at Sony Electronicsexplained to The Sun of Mexico that AI has the ability to analyze scenes or frames that occur on the screen at the speed of light, allowing them to be modified to deliver to the user colors more alivemore realistic details and more precise focus.

In the case of the Bravia screens, from Sonyhighlighted his XR processor that integrates a Cognitive grade AIwhich allows them “understand” the way in which human beings see and listen to emulate it when making a transmission.

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“A Traditional AI uses linear processes to correct the imperfections of the image autonomouslyhe processor XR What it does is emulate the functioning of the human brain. It is the first technology in history that what it does is that when the information reaches the TV “It is capable of previewing the image in order to determine many variables, as a human being would,” he explained.

When playing an image, television makes an analysis crossing elements such as color, brightness, speed and focus, in an instantaneous process, just as the human brain would do, to produce a more natural result.

In sports like American football, processor will recognize the “focal point”which is where users pay attention, as in this case the center at the time of taking the playso that it looks perfect, without neglecting any other details of the shot.

Something similar happens in movies. AI previews images and understands that it is the most important thing for human beings. Based on that criterion increases the resolution in that area without neglecting the rest. It’s about a “extra” processing at a point that saves the most important part of the scene.

“It is the technology that preview the image in real time at light speed“It does it very quickly, it analyzes common positions and scenes, and what it does is that the areas are seen in the best detail,” said Alvarado.

The AI can also be used to fix image problems that can create internet latency, mainly in content from streaming platforms or websites, said Jorge Huerta, Marketing Director for Samsung Mexico.

The specialist commented that Televisions today offer a whole experience which is not limited only to watching content from open or paid channels, but also has to do with offers in streaming, video game and with Audioamong other things, which is mostly consumed through the Internet.

The risk of online content, he said, may be the latencysince if the Connection is bad or is briefly interrupted can leave trails in the movement of a figure, such as a dip in the case of the sports content or of a character or object in a movie.

“Our Upscaling technology of the processor makes a sequence look good because AI predicts figure movement, which does not diminish that experience. These small details that we see from listening to the user, how make up for the way to consume the content “There is already a lot on the Internet, it is what we can improve through technology,” commented the manager.

AI, he added, allows images to be scaled to a larger format so that they do not lose quality.

He explained that when viewing on a screen of 75 inches or larger, as well as on a 8K resolution screena low quality recording runs the risk of looking bad, for this a Upscaling processor with AI detects figures to improve the image of the source and that it is seen perfect.

Screens recognize images through AIIf it is a tree, they look for details and improve it, they make these details finer such as skin tones, clothing texturesrecognizes what is being seen and heard and makes modifications in real time to make it look better. These screens are so intelligent that the user lives this experience as if nothing were happeningas if it were already given,” Huerta added.

The new era of screens

In addition to AI, technology companies begin to innovate in other aspects in terms of screens to offer consumers unique experiences, from having complete control of their homes while watching a movie, to displays transparent.

In the case of SamsungHuerta highlighted the SmartThings appa technology that allows the user See who rings your doorbell, monitor your baby asleep, turn on or off lights, check the washing machine cycle or see if the refrigerator is left openas well as detect how much energy you are consuming in your home, all while watching television.

It is no longer just a way to watch television, but also to control your home, to make it smart, and all from the screen, without having the invasiveness of a phone or other device.

“Already It’s not just a way to watch televisionbut also of control your houseto return it intelligentand everything from the screenwithout having invasive of a phone or other device,” commented the specialist.

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But The technology also surprises as in the case of the LG Oled Signature T, a transparent screen which allows to have a contrast layer to improve the quality of video transmission, which made it one of the most acclaimed devices during the last edition of the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), in Las Vegas.

He 77 inch equipmentwhich in addition to transparent is wireless, integrates the webOS operating system, 4K technologyhigh definition sound and a Alpha 11 processor with four times the AI ​​performancewhich provides a 70 percent improvement in graphics performance and 30 percent faster processing speed.

The Oled Signature T It is not only a device for watching television, but becomes a device to personalize spacesin an era in which design also becomes a fundamental part of the experience of viewing content.

Besides, Hisense showed its new generations of televisions that focus on the size and the technology of its panels to improve shinethe shades of colors and the image quality.

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The brand too presented its first rollable television with laser screenwhich rejects up to 90 percent of ambient light and increases brightness three times, plus your projectors Laser that surpass the one hundred inches.

Marcela Fragoso, commercial director of Televisions for Hisense Mexico, commented that The trend that the brand is addressing is the desire of users for larger formats to enjoy cinematographic content.as films of action, since the processor avoids swept images in addition to offering greater quality and visual experience.

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