Housing reform encourages formality, says Infonavit – El Sol de México

The reform proposals that proposes President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to the article 123 of the Constitution encourage people to want remain in formal employmenthe indicated Carlos Martinezgeneral director of the Institute of National Housing Fund (Infonavit).

In interview with The Sun of Mexico explains to the worker it will be more attractive to quote formally what is informality, where More than 50 percent of the population is employedsince, if the reform is approved, acquire or rent a home by only spending 30% of your salary.

In the case of the living placedelved into that the Infonavit will no longer function solely as a financing system to acquire a home, but will also participate in the planning and construction of households that adapts to the needs of the working class.

“HE changes from a financing system to a housing system. The Institute, on which the National Housing Funda, you are given the possibility of not only to financebut also of build (…) Infonavit was a part of the financing because the house was paid for with a bank loan and another part with the Infonavit“, said.

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At the moment, Infonavit works as a fund to grant credits to the workers that They are quoted in the IMSS.

This fund is holds of the input that performs the employer to the housing subaccount of each worker and what represents five percent of the base contribution salary.

About 51 percent of people who rent a home do so because they do not find sufficient resources to own a home. and 22 percent for the ease of moving due to job changes.

With this panorama, Martínez explains that The reform proposes that Infonavit would create a new investment line for build houses and have leasing schemes.

Those homes that you build, you can put them in a social rental systemit is something thatand it does not exist in the Constitutionthis new right is created, which recognizes leasing as a form of property ownershipa way to satisfy the right to housing and they put conditions of that lease”.

That is to say, The payment for this housing should not exceed 30 percent of the salary and Once you have occupied the same property for 10 years, you have the right to buy it.

He Infonavit director indicated that the benefit would be for the 22 million people registered with the IMSSbut it will happen preference to those who have been contributing for the longest time and who have not exercised their right to the Infonavit credit.

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“Once the president’s reform is approved, another reform will be made to the current law of the infonavitin which the procedures for the construction”.

The director explained that if the reform is approved, Infonavit could consider territorial reserves in the states to start building homes.

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