What is the Black Box of Earth? – The Sun of Mexico

A black box Its objective is to safeguard the data of planes, ships, trains and even spacecraft so that in the event of an accident, information can be collected that can explain the causes.

In the case of the Landthere is a project called Earth’s Black Box or Earth’s Black Boxwhich seeks to safeguard thousands of data related to the health of the planet that can account for the steps that humanity took for the possible collapse of civilization.

“Unless we drastically transform our way of life, climate change and other man-made dangers will cause the collapse of our civilization,” is what can be read on the official Black Box website.

The Black Box of Earth It was built in Tasmania, the project is led by scientists, artists and architects and its data is stored on a giant hard drive with the capacity to collect information for about 50 years.

The design of the Box is 10 meters long, can resist natural disasters and is powered by both solar and thermal energy.

According to the United Nations (UN), scientists dedicated to the issues climatic have shown that people are responsible for global warming over the last 200 years. Human activities generate greenhouse gases that raise the temperature of the planet.

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All information regarding climate change and what causes the deterioration of the Earth will be saved in the Black Box of Earth.

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