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In Norway there is a strait with currents so wild that they represent a danger for ships, because when the tide rises, they create eddies up to 10 meters in diameterwhich became a tourist attraction in the country.

He Saltstraumen Strait separates the Straumen and Straumoya islands, and is characterized by having a strong tidal currentas it is located between two “fjords”, which are “U” shaped valleys created by the erosion of a glacier that are flooded by sea waters.

Several tourist sites suggest that the best days to visit the strait and see what has become a natural spectacle are during the new or full moon, and up to three days later, when the current is at its strongest.

The Saltstraumen stream It is considered the most powerful on the planet, since it is estimated that more than 400 million cubic meters of seawater pass through the strait that measures 3 km in length and 150 meters wide twice a day: when the tide rises and falls.

Throughout the day, the tide remains high and the current is not as strong, so boats can navigate without any danger, but when it is time for the tide to go out, that is when strong whirlpools are created, which It is repeated every day when it has to go up.

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Despite its danger, in 2017 athletes Kjetil Borch and Nils Jakob Hoff They rowed across it, and surprisingly, they were successful. They achieved this feat with two carbon fiber canoes 13 meters long and 30 centimeters wide.

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