Super Bowl 2024: this is how Mexicans celebrate in Las Vegas – El Sol de México

Las Vegas, Nevada.- Customs are not lost to the millions of mexicans who live the “American dream” in the state of Snowfall and those “countrymen” who traveled to enjoy Super Bowl LVIII.

561 kilometers from the border between Tijuana and San Diego, compatriots have found the city of Las Vegas one of their favorite places to put down roots. Generations that have seen among the majestic casinos the opportunity to find a better lifestyle.

According to the latest census in the United States, About 30 percent of the population in the state of Nevada is of Latino origin.

To the north of the city, between the highway and factories, is the Broadacres Marketplace, a market that transports visitors to the neighboring country. At least for a few hours, they feel somewhere in their native Mexico.

Nostalgia invades everyone present. Hundreds of stalls selling crafts, food, sweets, drinks, clothing and all kinds of representative objects of Mexican culture surround the market.

People who seek to stay close to their roots, and congregate on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in the same place. Band music livens up the atmosphere, where visitors bring out their best steps. Without knowing each other, one look is enough for dance couples to form. Others prefer to sing with beer in hand.

The show lasts a couple of hours, where even American visitors get caught up in the Mexican holiday. An African-American security guard steals part of the spotlight, infected by the music.

“It’s like being in Mexico. People come from different places, not just here in Las Vegas. Also from other cities or states. It is a very Mexican market”says Mónica, a clothing seller who gets from the State of Mexico.

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The party ends soon. The market doors close at 11:00 pm. The attendees leave with a smile on their faces, but aware that they have to work to keep it alive the “american dream” far from homealthough with moments that make them feel close to their customs while the flags of Mexico fly through the Broadacres Marketplace.

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