‘Brushing Hollywood’, learn about the new trend used by the most beautiful and talented celebrities in Hollywood

In 2024, fashion and beauty lovers have noticed a peculiar phenomenon that has very quickly become art of the charisma of many celebrities. hollywooda trend that has also been responsible for making many influential women in the world of entertainment look spectacular and radiant.

Its about ‘Brushing Hollywood‘, a quite popular technique among Druni stylists, where they work the hair with a brush and while it is constantly under the hot blow of the dryer, which manages to give them that distinctive quite striking wavy, which has been used by more superstars of the ones you believe in these latest awards and important events in the Hollywood industry.

Hairstyles like the ones she wore Miley Cyrus in the past Grammy 2024or as Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez and Margot Robbie in the Golden Globes this year, where a lot of the attention has gone to her delicate waves of hair, and it seems that curly hair is once again becoming the latest styling trend, and we will most likely continue to see celebrities from worldwide to continue opting for this retouched, beautiful and very particular look.

And if you are one of the people who is intrigued in learning how to make this kind of shiny wavy curls, below you can see the steps to follow:

The first thing is to wash your hair very well and apply a protector, then you will proceed to apply the Dyson Airwrap or, you can also make the curls with a brush, iron and dryer, then brush and place the waves with a brush without rounded tips, divide the part by taking enough volume and then with hairpins or a Velcro roller, hold them and finally apply lacquer and shine spray.

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