Who gives more? premieres its 15th season; is renewed on pay TV – El Sol de México

“Who gives more?”, the show Television’s most popular warehouse auctionspremieres its 15th season, managing to keep the public hooked for more than 300 episodes despite the content competition that currently exists in the entertainment industry.

“All the options and platforms that exist are a concern. For my part, I worry more every week that the program is fresh, that we do something that we haven’t done 300 times before. “It’s hard, but we’ve told so many stories and seen so many deposits… I want that to translate into good television so people can continue to choose us,” she told The Sun of Mexico he producer of the show, Roman Mykytyn at the presentation of the new season.

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“Who gives more?” is an auction show, in which Dan and Laura Dotson sell, to the highest bidder, storage containers abandoned by their original owners in the state of Californiawithout knowing what they keep inside.

Brandi Passante also participates in the cast of the reality show as a buyer, as well as Darrell Sheets, Barry Weiss, Kenny Crossley, Rene and Casey Nezhodaamong others.

“There are many choices for viewers. History and A&E “They are the kind of grandfather of this type of thing nowadays, it seems to me that it is the fans of the show who continue to come to see it and we always try to make it an updated program,” explained the executive producer. Jeff Bumgarner.

The reality show, like other productions of Historyare only available through the channel signal, as well as On Demand but not streaming.

Luck and fortune, the reality formula

In the development of each program, the unknown arises from what will be in the purchased container, as well as investigating the value of each item housed there. In that sense, each winery is like playing a lottery ticket, where only luck determines the result.

Among the most coveted items that have been found throughout the more than 300 episodes Since the beginning of broadcasts in 2011, there is a Frank Gutiérrez art collection worth $300,000, acquired by Darrell Sheets at 3,600 dollars; also a newspaper from the day Elvis Presley died, bought by Dave Hester worth $90,000; or a video game collection valued at 50 thousand dollars acquired by René Nezhoda in just $1,500.

In accordance with Laura Dotson, in its new stage “Who gives more?” It will introduce more characters and make others it has already involved more recurring. “There are many characters that you have seen, but now you will see more. You’ll see their finds, their love interests, and their special characteristics. We also have new buyers,” she mentioned.

The fifteenth season of “Who gives more?” is available through the signal History weekly every Tuesday at 9:50 p.m.

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