Faithful to the romantic ballad, Yuri and Cristian Castro will begin tour – El Sol de México

Faithful to the genre in which they have remained throughout their careers, Yuri and Cristian Castro will meet as two of the most important exponents of the romantic ballad on their new tour United on stage tourwhich will begin with dates at the National Auditorium.

“There are singers for all tastes, but romance never goes out of style. It is being seen here, in the people who want to come see us, because we are singers, we are balladeers, people who have made our careers for our voices,” Yuri commented at a press conference.

“We are not the best voices in Mexico, but we are artists who have fought to stay in the ballad. There are others who are already in other genres because ballads are no longer played so much on the radio, reggaeton or whatever is fashionable is played more. There are many balladeers who left at that pace, we have been brave. “I have sung reggaeton once but it is definitely not my genre,” added the singer, who will alternate dates of the new tour with those of the Euforia Tour.

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For Cristian Castro, who released his new single “I want to make you happy” a few weeks ago, dedicated to his partner Mariela Sánchez, continuing to bet on the same musical style is something necessary at a time when, “these are times of ‘anti-romanticism’, where “Everything sounds cheesy and where we are perhaps having a distance between women and men,” she said.

After spending time living in Argentina, the 49-year-old singer shared his desire to reunite with Mexico through the tour, which will visit 12 cities in the Mexican Republic, including the capital, Guadalajara, Monterrey, León and Mérida.

“We are doing memorable songs in the show, we are going to dance too. I want to meet again with Mexico, that is mainly the reason for this and the desire to be close to a woman who for me has the best voice. I like the balladeer Yuri, I feel she is impactful and very strong, so it is incredible what we can do together,” Castro mentioned.

In the dynamics of the presentations, both artists will perform their best songs, for example “You will not be able to”, “I will never forget you”, “Azul”, “Behind my window”, “I ask you for love”, among others, with the possibility of hearing them interspersed in the voices of both.

The first concerts of “United on the Stage Tour” will be held at the National Auditorium on February 21 and 22, and then return to the venue on March 22 and 23.

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