Sabina celebrates 75 years dedicated to her new album and the uncertainty about her future – El Sol de México

“I hope we see each other again. I hope,” he actually said as a farewell, aware that last December he celebrated in Madrid, before his most loved and also feared audience, the final performance of his most recent tour.

It was, in his own words, “the most tumultuous and magical” of his life, that of his reunion with the public after that fateful accident due to which, precisely at the Wizink Center in the Spanish capital but in 2020, he fell into the pit. from almost two meters high, which resulted in several traumas, a hospital admission and two interventions.

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The ironic title of “against all odds” that he gave to this world tour already indicates what the expectations were for a return to the stage. Needless to say, his possible return in the future appears even more uncertain, as he and those close to him recognize.

Before even approaching these concerts, Sabina already warned: “If it’s not the last, it will be the penultimate, but I’m certainly not going to announce anything. What I’m going to do is enjoy.”

After the publication of the documentary Feeling it a lot (2022) by his friend Fernando León de Aranoa, it is only known for sure that in 2024 he will be dedicated to finishing and publishing his long-awaited new album and the one that will take over from the successful I deny everything (2017), as producer and composer.

“And in 2025, if his health and desire allow it, he will perform again,” his representative, José Navarro “Berry”, simply stressed in an interview when assessing the possibilities of there being no more live performances after that concert. on December 20 at the Wizink Center.

After surviving countless medical scares, especially the stroke that in 2001 cut her most nocturnal and thuggish life in the bud, what can be affirmed from her previous statements is that Sabina reaches 75 years of age, first of all pleasantly surprised and satisfied.

This was indicated in 2021, in an event at the Cervantes Institute: “I have written a book, I have had two daughters and in Rota (Cádiz) I transplanted an olive tree, I am not missing anything and I am moderately at peace with myself taking into account that the People of my generation thought that we were never going to be adults, because adults were always sons of bitches. I have arrived here and I still don’t consider myself a son of bitch, that’s enough for me.”

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