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Vielka Pulidoa young influencer originally from Puebla, suffered an attack on the morning of March 3 when she was leaving a gym accompanied by her boyfriend on Calzada Zavaleta in the Santa Cruz Buenavista neighborhood.

The 21 year old influencer and his companion were heading to their BMW car when unknown assailants opened fire on them, causing injuries that ended the lives of the two young men. The suspects fled in two compact vehicles with no known direction.

According to witnesses and some first reports, a large number of detonations were heard at the site, so the people who were in the gym had to take shelter because they did not know the nature of the explosion. stroke.

Who was Vielka Pulido?

Vielka Pulido She was a young influencer who had great popularity on social networks like Instagram where she had more than 28 thousand followers despite having her private account.

In networks like TikTok Her content has already generated more than 24 thousand “Likes” and some of her videos show how she studied medicine at the Popular Autonomous University of the State of Puebla (UPAEP).

Although she presented herself under the nickname “La Bendi”, the first time she became known on social networks was for a controversy in 2018 where she was known as #LadyHumilladora.

This happened in March of that year when a video went viral in which Vielka was in a public park and forced another young woman to ask for forgiveness on her knees for saying things that would have been humiliating against her and her mother.

The other young woman in the red sweatshirt affirms that she does not want to have problems and not be afraid, but Vielka reiterates that he will only forgive her if she asks for it on her knees. After threatening to call her parents if she doesn’t, the girl in red has no choice but to comply with her wishes to receive her forgiveness.

This situation caused the Vielka’s mother, named Viridiana Pulidocame out at a press conference to apologize for what happened in the video, to condemn the behavior of his daughters and that he would take measures so that something like this would not be repeated.

Because Vielka became the object of ridicule, memes and harassment on social networksshe decided to stay away from there and from the media, so she did not give any statement in this regard.

As the years went by, Vielka resumed life on social networks as her controversy began to be forgotten and now she regained some fame due to her lifestyle with certain luxuries and her physical beauty that was very attractive to many users.

In August 2023, a new controversy had her as the protagonist after reported the theft of one of her original Dolce&Gabbana (D&G) brand bagswhile he was in the Rakata club located in Cholula.

Regarding this situation, the influencer said that she knew who had carried out the theft and that she would reveal her face and the corresponding complaint if she did not return it, since the accessory would cost 43 thousand pesos.

At that time she received the support of a large number of users, but another part remembered her for being #LadyHumilladora, which led her to change the privacy of her account in instagramfrom where he made his entire complaint, privately.

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Vielka Pulido He continued making content and on his TikTok account (@vielkaalpu) his last publication was made on March 12 where he poses for a photograph in a room of what looks like a luxurious house and with a text that said: “Don’t feel It’s bad if they copy you in everything, on the contrary, inspiration and admiration comes disguised as imitation.”

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