Zaldívar accuses that the investigation against him has political intentions – El Sol de México

Former Minister Arturo Zaldívar accused that the Minister President of the Supreme Court has political intentions by leaking to the media an anonymous complaint that accuses him and officials of the Judiciary of corruption and influence peddling, among other accusations.

He noted that the accusations against him occur in the middle of an electoral process and in the face of an “imminent reform of the Judiciary.”

“The admission of an anonymous complaint without evidence is something unprecedented and very serious. Leaking it to the media even more. The political intention of Minister Norma Piña is evident. There is despair in the face of the electoral result and the imminent judicial reform,” she wrote on her X account.

On April 9, The Federal Judiciary Council received an anonymous complaint against Zaldívar and workers of the Judicial Branch close to him for alleged acts of corruption. Piña, in her capacity as president of the Judiciary, ordered an investigation.

In a clarification broadcast on Ciro Gómez Leyva’s newscast on Grupo Formula, the retired minister warned that Minister Piña violated her own rules when she admitted an anonymous complaint that provides evidence.

There is even jurisprudence that in the case of the ministers of the Court that there is a principle of presumption of innocence (…) and whoever complains has to provide evidencehe sentenced.

Clarified that the complaint that includes him and more than 60 officials It is based on the resolutions that were issued favorably in cases of interest to the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

“This has a very clear political intention,” he remarked.

He questioned that the intention is also a kind of revenge against the Fourth Transformation and discredit.

“There is a basic principle that these complaints have to be processed secretly, in secret and publicized, sent to all the media and networks from the presidency of the Court.”

He considered that it is serious that whoever has the obligation to care for the rule of law violates the principle of the presumption of innocence.the secrecy of the investigations, the right of defense and it is clear that “the intention is to participate in the electoral contest in the face of a scenario that they see as problematic for them in the sense that their privileges could end, that a judicial reform.”

It’s a witch hunt, a kind of inquisition the former minister assured

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He specified that in the face of a complaint that is already open in the Federal Judiciary Council, a complete investigation process will have to be opened and all the people involved will have to be heard.

“We will do our technical defense, also our political defense and also our media defense (…) it is incredible that it is about tarnishing the career of so many people (…) for revenge, for a very crude revenge.”

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