AMLO recognizes that they will use the unclaimed Afores to finance the Pension Fund – El Sol de México

Although President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that “Individual Afores accounts are untouchable” and has the responsibility to defend the pensions of the workers,” he said this Friday that they are seeking to use 40 billion pesos of Unclaimed Afores.

By defending Morena’s reform initiative to the Retirement Savings Systems Law, which is in the Chamber of Deputies and which seeks to fulfill its promise to increase the amount of retirees’ pensions through the financing of a trust called Wellbeing, López Obrador said that he does seek to touch the Afores of workers who have not claimed their savings.

“The Afores keep money that the workers do not claim and it is already established by law that they have to return that money to the Social Security, but they do not do so, so we want that legal provision to be clearly established, so that a part of those resources that They have nothing to do with individual accounts, but rather they are funds that are produced by workers who did not claim their savings, for whatever reason and also because of the bureaucracies, which the Afores do not keep,” he explained.

López Obrador accused that Those resources that the Afores manage and have not been claimed, must be returned by law to Social Security and that is not being done in its entirety.

“They have returned I think a billion and they have I think 40 thousand,” he indicated.

He stressed that to create the fund, “in addition to giving resources from the unclaimed Afores,” they will use confiscated resources that the Institute has to return to the People what was stolen and also the profits of the parastatal companies that manage the Secretariat of Defense and the Navy. , such as the Maya Train and the Felipe Ángeles, Tulum and Mexico City airports, as well as with the Mexicana airline.

Faced with accusations from the opposition to the Morenoist reform, which they describe as “an agandalle” and “confiscatory”, for attempting to create a trust with unclaimed resources of people over 70 years of age, the president responded: “We are not the same as the looters of before. “This reform is not to harm workers, it is to improve the situation of those who are going to retire, so that they receive more,” he noted.

He argued that the controversy over the Morenoist initiative helps clarify what he is doing and took the opportunity to attack former presidents Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de León and Felipe Calderón, who modified the Laws for retired workers to reduce pension amounts.

“What did Zedillo do with the support of others with the reform that he removed from the 1997 Constitution? Well, before this reform, if the worker retired with 10 thousand pesos, that was what he was going to receive and Zedillo reformed the Constitution so that instead of the worker receiving 10 thousand, he would receive 3 thousand, and I am not exaggerating, “Hey!” said the president.

The Sun of Mexico reported this Friday on its front page that the Administrators of Old Age and Housing Funds, but not for Retirement (Afore), They must transfer to a new Pension Fund that will be administered by the Bank of Mexico, between 30 and 40 billion pesos saved by 70-year-old workers in their Retirement, Late Age Unemployment and Old Age and Housing subaccounts.

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This Friday, the president acknowledged that with the actions he is taking to raise the pension amount “is not enough” and that the means of transferring resources from savers “is to create” the Welfare Pension Fund and stressed that what is sought is to “strengthen” the funds, “so that whoever retires with these anti-labor laws —that of Zedillo and that of Calderón—, can receive a greater amount. We are looking for it to be the equivalent of his salary, so that means having a special, compensatory fund that will be managed by the Bank of Mexico,” he explained.

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