Actor Lee Sun-Kyun claims to have inhaled substances through his nose

For some months now, the famous singer G Dragon and the renowned South Korean actor Lee Sun-Kyun were identified by the country’s police, were the main suspects in an important case of drug use and abuse, however, days ago, the Idol was declared innocent by the Korean prosecutor’s office, and now everything is focused on the actor, who He recently claimed to have inhaled substances through his nose, but added that it was by mistake.

On this December 26, the media JTBC reported that Lee Sun-Kyun’s case became more complicated than the actor expected, since he contradicted some statements by a nightclub manager, who claimed that Lee did ingest prohibited substances, to which he said: “Honestly, I did inhale using a straw through my nose, but it was a mistake, because I thought it was a sleeping pill, I didn’t know it was a drug«.

Mr. A, as the club manager is known, claimed that he saw Lee Sun-Kyun inhale powdered ketamine with a small straw on different occasions, since he himself was the one who got it and it was used instantly, which would confirm that the actor if he took drugs since he was accused in his case, something he strongly denies and even failed the polygraph test.

However, despite all the evidence pointing to him as guilty of his drug case, Lee Sun-Kyun claims that he did inhale substances, but that he thought it was a simple sleeping medicine and that he had no intention of using drugs through his nose. Because of this, the actor requested a new investigation from the Incheon police, as he believes that everything that is happening to him is unfair.

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