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2023 is in its last stretch and with it we remember some artists and celebrities both Mexican and from the world, who died this year.

Some left us recently, such is the case of the journalist Cristina Pacheco who had left his program “We had to live here” due to health problems and a week later he died.

On this occasion we will review the celebrities who died in 2023 and who will leave a great legacy in the artistic world.

Which artists have died in 2023?

January 23 | The famous comedian Leopoldo Roberto García Peláez, better known as “Polo Polo“He died at the age of 78. He lived at the peak of his career in the 80s and 90s; he was retired from the artistic world due to suffering from Alzheimer’s.

March 1 | Irma Serrano ‘La Tigresa’ died at the age of 98. The actress stood out in ranchera music and also ventured into acting, dancing, politics and theater.
March 11 | Ignacio López Tarso He died at 98 years old. After a week hospitalized, Macario’s protagonist lost the battle due to an intestinal obstruction that was complicated by pneumonia, plus the kidney, heart and lung failure that he suffered.
March 5 | Xavier López ‘Chabelo’ He died at the age of 88 and thanks to his charisma and ability to connect with children, he maintained the program for almost five decades, becoming one of the most beloved figures on television, even deserving of two Guinness Records.
April 4 | Andres Garcia He died at the age of 81. He managed to conquer thousands of women in his youth, his handsomeness was his best letter of introduction at the beginning, however, his tenacity to get what he wanted so much led him to be one of the icons of acting and entertainment in Mexico.
April 10 | Julian Figueroason of Maribel Guardia, He died at the age of 28 from an acute heart attack. In addition to being a composer and singer, he studied psychology, used to talk about the importance of maintaining good mental health, and even shared a song that he dedicated to his friend Valente, who took his own life at the age of 15 due to a mental disorder.
May 9 | Antonio ‘La Tota’ Carbajal. The nicknamed ‘Five Cups’ played for the champion Real Club España and León, in addition to going to five World Cups with the National Team, being the first footballer in history to achieve that mark.
June 12 | Dubbing actor Rubén Moya, died at 62 years old. Moya had vast experience in dubbing for more than 30 years and gave voice to several iconic characters such as Morgan Freeman or He-Man.
December 16 | Rosita Pelayo He died at 64 years of age. The artist rose to fame for her roles on television in the mid-1980s, participating in nearly 40 productions, among which The Sin of Oyuki, Cándido Pérez, Carita de Ángel, Salomé, La fea más bella, Vecinos and The cesar. Her last appearance was in 2019, when she participated in the film An honest feeling in the dungeon of oblivion.
December 21 | Cristina Pacheco. The writer and journalist Cristina Pacheco died at the age of 82, after at the beginning of the month she withdrew from her program on Canal Once due to “serious health problems.” For more than half a century, Cristina Pacheco toured different areas of the Chilanga city collecting testimonies from people on foot to understand the feelings of the inhabitants.

International celebrities

May 24 | Tina Turner at 83 years old. The What’s Love Got To Do With It singer died this Wednesday after a long illness at her castle in Kusnacht, near Zurich. The rock star’s real name was Anna Mae Bullock, born on November 26, 1939 in Nutbush, Tennessee.

July 11 | Milan Kundera He died at the age of 94. He was a renowned Czech writer and novelist, born on April 1, 1929 in Brno, in the former Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic). He is known for his literary works that explore themes such as philosophy, politics, identity and human relationships.
July 26 | Sinead O’Connor At the age of 56, known for her hit “Nothing Compares 2 U”, as a singer she published a total of ten studio albums, but she never left aside her role as an activist, addressing different problems such as child abuse, which she said she had suffered, women’s rights or racism.
September 15 | Fernando Botero He died at 91 years old. Known internationally as one of the greatest exponents of contemporary art, Fernando Botero was recognized for his figurative style, which highlights the representation of figures and objects with voluptuous and round aspects, which was so particular that it was called “Boterism”. .
November 29 | Henry Kissinger died at age 100, He received the Nobel Peace Prize along with his Vietnamese counterpart Le Duc Thuo for their secret negotiations to end the Vietnam War, and normalized diplomatic relations between the United States and China during the presidency of Richard Nixon. However, he will also be remembered for his support of dictatorships such as those in Argentina between 1976 and 1983.

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