BLACKPINK and United States Vice President Kamal Harris have this in common

The connection that exists between the girls of BLACKPINK and the vice president of the United States, Kamala Harrisit is certainly something that no one could expect, because no one would expect them to have anything in common.

As is known in the entertainment industry, there are many artists who are constantly reborn and rise to fame, including fashion designers who help these celebrities wear elegant outfits in each of their work activities. Such is the case of a designer who is originally from Seoul, but lives in London, Miss Soheea woman who has been responsible for building a good name in the Korean fashion industry.

The young woman has been in charge of creating clothing for some of the biggest stars in the world, as well as Ariana GrandeGeorgie Hobday, Bella Hadid, among others, but he has also been able to create designs for the vice president, Kamala Harris, and for the girls of the KPop group, BLACKPINK.

This being the issue that five women have in commonit is normal to expect them to look totally beautiful when they were dressed by this designer, this is what happened when Lisa wore a charming outfit for her OUTNOW Unlimited performance, and when the vice president wore her look for a dinner with Yoon Suk Yeol.

There is no doubt that fashion is the best tool for people who are public personalities, and it is good that this is something that allows them to unite in one way or another.

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