the 4 customs of the royal family that Queen Letizia still refuses to do

It was almost 20 years ago that the Queen Letizia reached the royal family of Spain, announcing her engagement to the prince Philip VI at that time, and since then the queen consort has marked her path in zarzuela, where despite having to create a relationship with her current husband’s family and get used to some traditions, there are some customs that she does not share, and here you find We will tell you what some of them are.

The first of the customs that Queen Letizia broke was that of ski, and among the traditions of the royal family, this is one of the most important, since everyone spends winter days practicing this sport. Everyone moved to Baqueria to enjoy the Christmas season. In the first years as a member of royalty, Letizia was seen joining these types of plans, but after a certain time, she was not seen participating in this sport, since Apparently she wouldn’t like it at all and would feel insecure when practicing it.

Palma Easter Mass It is another of the public events that the queen stopped attending, because although this was an important event for Spanish royalty, as of 2020 neither Queen Letizia, nor King Philip VI, nor their daughters have attended, she said. meeting, although it has been resumed in recent years, none of the royalty has been present.

The iconic sreference to the Bourbonswhich consists of a bow and a high five with several claps included, this greeting is one of the most evident in some public celebrations of the Spanish royal family, however, Queen Letizia has never been seen doing it with any family member, not even with her husband.

Another of the gestures that Queen Letizia decided to completely disengage from has been the habit of cross yourselfBecause the queen has other beliefs, when she is present with her family at a religious event, Letizia does not carry out the gestures or some prayers.

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