Sarah Ferguson’s strange public appearance with British royalty during Christmas 2023

One of the people who has been part of the British family for some years is Sarah Fergusonalthough the woman is not very close and does not constantly share with the family, in one way or another she belongs to it, since she was the wife of the prince andrewbrother of King Charles III.

The 64-year-old royal member had not been seen appearing at a royal family Christmas service for a few months, since since she had separated from her husband in 1996, she did not have the greatest connection to be present at these festivities. The curious thing is that this Christmas of the year 2023, ‘Fergie‘ as she is known, made an appearance that no one expected.

Sarah Ferguson was seen arriving at Christmas celebrity in the company of her ex-husband, Prince Andrew, with whom she maintains a friendly and paternal bond, she was also accompanied by her two daughters, the princess beatrice and the Princess Eugenie and they each with their husbands.

The truth is that although Sarah has not been included in all the royal family events, it seems that this Christmas the king Charles III has decided to include her on the guest list and that is why she was present there. Furthermore, her appearance was a surprise, since it comes after some time after she underwent surgery after a terrible diagnosis of breast cancer.

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