ASTRO’s Handsome Cha Eunwoo Shares New Uncensored Photos Showing Almost Everything

Cha Eunwoo of STAR is without a doubt one of the most popular Korean entertainment artists that currently exists, and he not only dedicates his great talent to being a top-notch Idol, but also focuses his skills and charisma to make the best K-Dramas today, but what draws the most attention to his fans is undoubtedly his photo shoots.

And recently, a photoshoot specifically, where new uncensored photos of the handsome man shared by Cha Eunwoo appear showing almost everything, more than one has been left with their jaw on the floor!

The images are from behind the scenes of their recent collaboration with Esquire Koreawhere he has left thousands of fans completely delighted with his sensual poses and his radiant charisma overflowing from his pores.

“He is a king”, “that leg, a little higher”, “Cha Eunwoo is very handsome”, “I love him, how I love this man”, were some of the comments less explicit that were circulating in the publications.

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