BLACKPINK’s Jennie accused of plagiarism for her Gentle Monster branded glasses collection

The glasses brand Gentle Monster and the idol Jenny of BLACKPINK Very recently they launched a collaboration that has to do with glasses, where the creativity of the singer and the company came together, and which resulted in a very vibrant, feminine and elegant collection.

Although everything was going well, recently Jennie began to receive accusations of having copied or plagiarized another brand to make these creations.

The artist’s glasses kpop They present several details such as bows, shiny hearts and stars that adorn the glasses, it being precisely this detail that Internet users compare with the jewelry and glasses brand. YVMIN.

According to rumors, the brand shared some of its products on its Instagram stories that They were very similar to the one in the collection of the BLACKPINK member, as they also had bows, other accessories of what appears to be a capybara, and hearts. The images were compared and Internet users are very supportive of the idea that it was a total plagiarism, however, it is not known if these accusations were invented or if the brand with which the artist collaborated could really have been inspired by the other.

Other fans of the band claim that They are just similarities and that many brands use the same accessories for glasses and bracelets, but people only want to focus on Idol because she is famous.

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