Nicholas Galitzine reveals he was inspired by BTS for his new film ‘The Idea of ​​You’

In a recent interview with Etalk CTVthe popular actor Nicholas Galitzine said bts was his inspiration for his most recent project called ‘The Idea of ​​You‘ where he acts alongside industry veteran Anne Hathaway, something that has caused excitement throughout the world. ARMYincluding the presenter, who agreed to be a proud fan of the band.

The actor of ‘Red, white and blue blood‘ He began to praise the dancing skills of the BTS members, saying that although he is not as skilled at performing a choreographed dance, seeing the boys of the popular band K-Popmade his inspiration and motivation reach his body, even his co-star, Anne Hathaway, tried to defend him by saying that BTS already had a lot of experience and training in that and Galitzine only had a few weeks of preparation before filming.

It was actually a great aspect of the performance, I don’t think I could ever claim to have the dancing prowess they have in one of their pinkies than I do in my entirety. Funny enough, I think Hayes is a wonderful character in and of himself. We used a lot of awesome references, like BTS, for a lot of the choreography, it was really cool, there are a lot of other references out there“, commented the actor.

If you didn’t know about this ambitious production by Amazon Prime Videobelow you can see the official trailer, and so you can get an idea of ​​what is coming for the next May 2.

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