This is how Prince Louis broke gender norms in a striking event

Days after the sixth birthday of prince louiswe can show that age is really a simple number, because in his very young age, at the end of the year 2023, the little prince He broke gender rules in a striking and well-known event when he was only 5 years age at which many were already saying that William and Kate’s son was already persecuting patriarchy.

Shirley Ballasa well-known judge of the famous show ‘Strictly Come Dancing‘, he recently opened up to the media The Sun about when little Louis attended the set of the program in December 2023, a visit he made with his mother Kate Middleton and his older sister, princess charlotte.

At the time, a source close to the royals revealed that the princes of Wales and their children are loyal fans of the aforementioned show, so they were delighted to be invited, but it was Prince Louis who stole the show that night when he broke up gender rules. It all started when, upon seeing the little ones, the program’s work team thought it was a good idea to give Princess Charlotte a crown and prince louis a box with sweetsHowever, everyone was surprised.

After Louis saw his sister wearing a crown, he said: ‘I want one of those too‘, and pointed to the crown, Ballas confessed, adding that he had to tell his team to find a crown for the prince. This interaction surprised many, since being so small, Prince Louis is clear that not only girls or princesses can wear or dress up with fake crowns, because kids can too!.

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