Meghan McCain attacks Prince Harry and his US citizenship process

It is no secret to anyone that for some time now the prince harry has been working on obtaining his US citizenship in any way possible, however, this goal has been hindered by some government entities that work to complicate this situation, and also by some celebrities such as Meghan McCain attacks the Duke of Sussex and his entire process in becoming an American citizen.

McCain, daughter of the late Republican senator John McCaincommented on some thoughts he had against the Duke of Sussex and goal of being American, alleging on his podcast ‘Meghan McCain Has Into The Chat‘ that:

Apparently Prince Harry wants to take his new nationality here, and I don’t like it, I just don’t want him to be American. I mean, his wife Meghan Markle is American, so she has every right for him to stay in this country, but I don’t want the duke to come to the United States and bring all of his royal drama with him.

After these words, the former senator’s daughter shared the small clip on her TikTokreceiving a total of 233,000 views and more of 7,400 likeswhich made his words trend on social networks and among internet users.


Meghan Markles is… *checks notes*…making jam? Yep. #meghanmccain #meghanmarkle #royalfamily

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On the other hand, Meghan did not hesitate to criticize Harry’s upcoming new series on Netflix about polo, a sport that the British royal family really likes. “Apparently, he is going to launch a program about polo, no one in this country cares about that sport, but why do you keep trying?he knows that with this he will earn millions and he only does it for that reason“were his words, implying that if he wanted to win the hearts of Americans, he would have better done something else.

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