King Charles III returns to his royal duties sharing with other cancer patients

Since last February, when Buckingham Palace revealed that the king Charles III had cancer, there have been many difficulties that the British royal crown has had to go through, due to the fact that they had to resort to having the remaining members of the family share out the responsibilities. However, this seems to have ended, since recently Charles III returned to his royal duties and shared with his fellow cancer patients.

For this April 30, the monarch resumed his royal duties in front of the public for the first time since the worrying news of his health, and what better way to do it than by visiting the Macmillan Cancer Center at University College Hospital of London with the queen Camilla Parker. There, King Charles III met with multiple patients and staff to chat a little about how important it is to detect cancer in its early stage.

In the middle of their meeting, the middle ITV’s Chris Ship in X said that many of the patients who spoke with the monarch felt a special connection with him, since it is very easy for him to understand everyone, since he is currently going through the same difficulties. Additionally, a royal reporter added that King Charles III told everyone that that same day iwas going to receive his cancer treatment in that same hospital.

This meeting and return to his royal duties took place today when King Charles III became the new patron of Cancer Research in the United Kingdom, taking this position that previously belonged to his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

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