BTS’s Jungkook surprises his followers with a new Instagram account

Jungkook of bts He constantly wants to surprise his fans with his actions, and he did just that a few hours ago, when through the Facebook page weverse Followers noticed that the youngest member of the group had created a new account. instagram.

The surprise came, since some time ago the Idol decided to delete his Instagram account, so seeing him there again meant happiness. However, the account had not been opened to share photographs of himself, but for his dog. Bamwhom he would be constantly ‘showing off’.

The account whose username is @bowwow_bam It would be being managed by Jungkook himself, since in the profile description he calls himself Bam’s father. The images of the puppy have melted those with tenderness. ARMYswho from one day to the next joined the account, managing to gather more than 2.4 million followers so far.

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