Camilla Parker makes first official royal outing after King Charles III’s cancer diagnosis

After Buckingham Palace shared that the queen’s husband Camilla ParkerKing Charles III, has currently been diagnosed with a type of cancer in his body, the queen and Prince William have taken the reins of the monarchy and have come out to show their faces in different royal engagements, in which the king did not may be present for obvious reasons.

One of these engagements that the queen attended after the monarch was diagnosed with cancer was going out to the Salisbury Cathedral, in England to attend a musical evening celebrating the good work done by local charities. In images shared by different media, the attitude that the queen has so far has been evident, a little calm, thanking all the people who have sent a message of support to the monarch.

Even after appearing at the event, he gave an update on the king Charles III, stating that he is doing very well, and that he is very touched by all the letters and messages that the public has sent him from all over. This would be the queen’s first official public outing, since the last time she was seen was when she left Clarence House with the king, after he was meeting with her son, the prince harry.

So far the queen, who will be the stronghold for Charles III, is doing an impeccable job continuing with the royal duties that the British Crown has and it is expected that her supporting role will continue until the king can complete adequate treatment.

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